Subsea success for PR2 approved valves

Two new projects for metal seated valves with a delivery time of less then 12 weeks!

This year Norvalves has proved it is possible to be more cost effective and still retain the high quality demanded by the industry. We have reduced the price of the high-end metal seated subsea ball valve by more then 30% the last the two years without altering any of the component parts. The flexible production line and specialized machine park designed for valve production gives us a short turn around and full control on the production plan.

The metal seated ball valve is designed for use to a depth down to 3000 meters and can be operated with full pressure up to 690 bar. The valve is PR2 approved and is normally tested in accordance with PSL 3G. Connections, body design, material and operating options can be modified to suit the client’s equipment. Lightweight and compact design gives this valve great benefit where space and weight are a challenge.

This summer our success has continued and we have just received 2 orders for this valve. Both orders will be delivered with our short lead time of 12 weeks.

For more information about this valve or other subsea and topside products please contact our sales personnel.