Do you require 1 or 100 bespoke valves?

Over the last 31 years Norvalves has established itself as a renowned fast-track supplier of bespoke valves. Sometimes it is a one off delivery but for the majority of our global oil and gas clients we are a long-term partner and regularly produce their special designs year after year. When one has a critical system and critical lead time one must have a reliable high quality supplier.

Our bespoke designs range from permanently installed subsea valves at depths of  3000 meters to Sea Water Harness systems for emergency water pumps and deluge systems top side. We have in our catalogue more than 2600 valve designs both for topside and subsea from 2mm to 4” bore. Being a small organization with both design engineers and production facilities under the same roof in Ågotnes, Norway we can change and revise drawings quickly as long as internally the valves are unaltered. Even completely new valves can be produced in a matter of days.

Our vision statement is: We help our customers to improve!


We will always strive to meet and surpass expectations so that you in turn can do the same with your own clients. If your requirement is just a single bespoke DB subsea valve or having a long term supplier who can develop and produce small series of bespoke valves over a long period, please contact us.