Tested to Extremes

Our 2″ 690 bar, metal seated, trunnion ball valve family already has extensive qualification to ISO13628-4 @ -18°C to +121°C (PR2, Endurance & Hyperbaric cycles).

A major client required the qualification temperature range to be further increased for use in the Barossa Gas Field Development, Australia.

Norvalves design engineers worked closely with the client project engineers and our materials suppliers and we were confident that the design would comfortably cope with a temperature range of -29°C to +145°C without needing to change the existing design in any way.

We are proud to announce that the design has indeed been qualified to this new temperature range under the requirements of API 6A 20th edition, Annex F PR2 – Table F6.

The image shows the valve disassembled after 203 pressure cycles which includes 20 cycles at the low and high temperature extremes, for visual examination of the critical components by an independent third party.

On the basis of this successful test our client has now placed a significant order to supply this design for the project.